Eco-Tech Finish LTD is a company specialized in galvanic finishes for the fashion industry and beyond. The company uses a manual system and automatic last generation, all embellished by the final treatment of coating.

Eco-Tech Finish LTD It is expert in the treatment of brass, and excels in the processing of accessories and aluminum chains.

Eco-Tech Finish LTD, by the new eco-friendly treatments, is now able to treat chains and accessories (for trendy and not) with galvanic nickel-free treatments (palladium / nickel replaced by palladium / indium and palladium / iron) and lead-free (through the use of pb-free bronze).

These technological innovations have revolutionized the entire production cycle of Eco-Tech Finish LTD, allowing it to invest in a modern automated framework which operates this type of treatment.

More Eco-Tech Finish LTD is able to obtain numerous color options that certainly represent an added value in terms of innovation.

Eco-Tech Finish LTD is able to certify the quality and thickness of the deposit made, by means of high-precision measuring instruments.

Investment and the whole restructuring of the company has allowed Eco-Tech Finish LTD to focus on automating and safety of its employees, significantly reducing manual input to the galvanic processing.