Eco-Tech Finish: Plating, Galvanic Finishes

Eco Tech Finish LTD is a company specialized in galvanic finishes for the fashion industry and beyond. Eco Tech Finish LTD uses a latest generation, manual/automatic and ecological framework, able to realize the final treatment of coating.

Protective Treatment

After galvanic treatment Eco-Tech Finish can apply a transparent protective coating, by e-coating or electrophoresis, to give more time to galvanic finishes.

Eco-friendly Framework

By a new eco-friendly process, Eco Tech Finish LTD is now able to treat chains and accessories (for trendy and other) with galvanic nichel-free and lead-free deposit, through the use of pb-free bronze.

Security and Accuracy

Eco Tech Finish LTD performs its machining by absolute safety and precision techniques. Each processing step is videocontrolled and documented by appropriate sensing and control procedures.

Best Service

Thanks to the expertise of the Technical Office and the Internal Analysis Laboratory, Eco Tech Finish LTD is able to certify its galvanic deposits, and then meet every need of his customers.


One of the business priorities of Eco Tech Finish LTD is to maintain a conscious relationship with the environment. The company employs a 85 kWp photovoltaic system, to help reduce the environmental impact.

Our Numbers

Eco Tech Finish LTD is able to operate a daily processing of 1000 meters ca. aluminum and 1500 mt ca. brass, thanks to his total automation.

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